Self Storage Benfleet Canvey

Packaging Materials

Item Dimensions Price Description
Large Boxboxes 23” x 15” x 12” £1.50 per box Ideal for Fragile & kitchen Items, double thickness for added protection.
Small Boxboxes 15” x 11” x 12” £1.20 per box Ideal for Books, Dvd’s and smaller heavy items.
Archiving Boxesboxes 16” x 12” x 12” £2.50 per box Purpose built for archiving, come with a lid for easy access.
Bubble Wrapboxes 75cm £4 per 10m Length Give added protection for valuables, ideal for paintings & mirrors.
Large Wrapping Paperboxes 10 kilo £13.00 Packing paper protects as well as bubble-wrap, allows items to be packed into a box
Small Wrapping Paperboxes 5 kilo £7  
Heavy Duty Adhesive Tapeboxes   £2